Hunger Map of Europe 1918

This map shows the Hunger levels for the Europe in 1918. It was in an article published first in the newspaper, The New York Times Current History Magazine for the April-May-June 1919 (Volume X, p. 52).
Map of Hunger and Food Shortage in Europe

99 Years later.. No more Hunger in Europe; Now the young Europeans are enjoying a good life.. like in this bar

Anatolia in 1325 - Turkoman principalities 12th Century - Turkish Beyliks Map

Turkoman principalities (Turkish Beyliks) after Mongols defeated the Seljuk Turks at the Battle of Köse Dağ in 1243. The map represents the situation around 1325. Aydinids, Karasids, Sarukhanids, Menteşe, Ottomans, Germiyanids, Hamidids, Beylik of Teke, Isfendiyarids, Chobanids, Karamanids, Eshrefids, Beyliks of Canik, Eretnis, Beylik of Dulkadir, Ramadanids, Beylik of Dulkadir.Did you see Trans Arabian Pipeline Map?

Afrika Ülkeleri Haritasi 2014

Güncel Afrika haritası 2014. Afrika ülkelerini gösteren harita.

Afrika Haritası

Afrikalı Kızların Bayıldığı İçecek; dikkat edin dilinizi yakmayın

Africa 2014 Map

Africa is a continent that its maps have been changing for centuries so often. This is African countries map 2014.

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 1466 - 1667

Map of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and Kingdom of Poland, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Ruthenia, Duchy of Prussia,
In 1569, the Lublin Union united Poland and Lithuania as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth installed an "interstate federal union based on common institution" (Lerski 622). This meant that kings were elected jointly, but the legal systems and administrations remained separate. The states acted as a single entity in external affairs.
Poland History

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