King Kong 1933 - The First King Kong - A Classic Black an White Monster Movie

This is the official original Trailer of first King Kong movie; a classic fantasy monster film from 1930's.
A film crew goes to a tropical island for an exotic location shoot..and..

 It stars Fay Wray, Bruce Cabot and Robert Armstrong.

Woman With Horn - What Do You Know About Human Horn?

Is Barro Blanco Dam a big danger for Ngäbe-Buglé tribe?

The construction of Barro Blanco, a hydroelectric dam in the Chiriqui Province of Panama brings troubles to Ngäbe-Buglé, an indigenous tribe of Panama. Lets watch this interesting documentary-news.

Map of Veins of Human Body in 13th Century

Anatomical illustration showing the veins. England, late 13th century.

Kanak Warriors with penis gourds and spears

Kanak (Canaque) Warriros of New Caledonia. In this black and white photo wee see them posing with penis gourds and their spears.
Dated: 1880
Kanak Warriors

Fijian women in 1935 - Fiji Women in Black and White Photo

How did Fijian women look like in 1930's? Here two Fijian women in ceremonial dress, in 1935

Fiji Women

Princes of Orange - William I, Maurice and Frederick Henry, William II and William III

Portrait of Four generations of princes of Orange: William I, Maurice and Frederick Henry, William II and William III

By Dutch painter Pieter Nason, 1662-1666
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