Map of Roman Empire 300 A.D

This is Roman Empire after 285 A.D. The Empire was divided East-West.

Western Provinces
Diocese of Britain, Diocese of Gaul, Diocese of Spain, Diocese of Italy, Africa and Rome.
East Roman's Provinces
Diocese of Dacia, Dioese of Thrace, Egypt, Asia, Diocese of Pontus and Macedonia
Eastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire

Swedish Empire 1560 - 1815

Map of Swedish Empire in Early Modern Europe. The Swedish Empire following the Treaty of Roskilde of 1658.

Sweden under Gustav Vasa until 1560
Acquisitions under Gustav Vasa's songs until 1611
Acquisitions under Gustav II Adolf and Christina until 1654
Acquisitions under Karls X until 1660
Swedish Empire in Early Modern Europe

Official Seal of the President of Ireland

The Seal of the President of Ireland (Séala Uachtarán na hÉireann)  The seal remains in the custody of the current President or the Presidential Commission.

The official seal has the word "Éire" in Gaelic script, and uses the modified harp that is used as the official state symbol on coins and documents of the Republic of Ireland.

Seal of the President of Ireland

Global Earthquake Map - Earthquakes Around The World 1963-1998

Map of global earthquake epicenters, 1963–1998. There were more than 350.000 eartquakes in 35 years.
As you see on the map almost entire Russia, Canada, Greenland, Brazil and West Africa look much safer.

Earthquakes around the World

Carthaginian Republic 3rd Century BC

The Carthaginian Republic was one of the longest-lived and largest states in the ancient Mediterranean.
Map of Carthaginian territory in the early 3rd century BC.

Carthaginian Republic Map 3rd Century BC

Ronald Reagan Arrives in Moscow 1988

US president Ronald Reagan at Vnukovo Airport, Moscow in 1988

Ronald Reagan Moscow 1988

Obama's Changing Looks Through the Years

Obama's Changing Face in 5 years.
This is Obama in 2009 and That is Obama in 2014Obama's Changing Looks

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