Historical Map of South Eastern Europe 1648

South Eastern Europe 1648 This historical map of South Eastern Europe shows us the boundaries of Ottoman Empire between 1648 and 1739 in Balkans. The yellow line is the Austro-Turkish frontier fixed by the Treaty of Karlowitz 26 January 1699 Ottoman Empire and Balkans 1648

Historical Map of Battle of the River Berre

Map of the Attacks of Frankish Forces Against Muslim Army, River Berre, in South of France. Battle of the River Berre Year : 737 Location : South of France Belligerents : Frankish forces under the command of Charles Martel Arab forces under the command of Uqba ibn al-Hayyay. Result : Frankish victory. What Happened During The Battle Charles advances to meet the Muslim forces on the banks of the Berre River. Upon Ibn Khaled's death, the Franks overwhelm the Muslim army, putting it to the flight. While attempting to fleet their boats, the Muslims are cut down by Frankish forces in the stagnant waters.

New Mexico Racial Breakdown of Population

Races and Ethnics of New Mexico When we carefully look at the historical map of New Mexico , we see it as a Mexican, or let's say Spanish land ( It was called New Spain in the history). And today, it's part of the United Staes of America but the demography doesn't say so. Firstly, New Mexico is a majority-minority state, which means population is composed of less than 50% non-Hispanic whites. According to 2015 figures, 48% of the total population was Hispanic or Latino. This is the highest of any state in the US. New Mexico Racial Breakdown of Population New Mexican Spanish The majority of Hispanics in NW claim to be descendants of Spanish colonists who settled here from 16th to 18th centuries. Many of them speak New Mexican Spanish at home. After Alaska New Mexico also has the second largest Native American Indian population in the country. What Languages Did Native Peoples of Texas Speak?

A French Settlement in Texas

An Unknown French Colony Settlement in Texas Have you ever heard about " Field of Asylum " ? 1818, 20 French Bonapartist soldiers who had fought in Europe during Napoleonic Wars arrived in US and found a settlement in Texas ( along the Trinity River ). It was called " Champ d'Asile " which means "Field of Asylum" in English. It was a very short-lived settlement, built in January and abandoned July 1818. This is the map of this historic settlement. It doesn't look large but it was well established and built. What Languages Did Native Peoples of Texas Speak?

What Languages Did Native Peoples of Texas Speak

Ethnolinguistic Map of Native Texas Indians When Europeans arrived in North America there were over 500 different languages spoken by American Indians. In Texas as its shown on this linguistic distribution map, seven different languages were spoken when the colonisation of southern territories started in 1500. Wars between the white men and natives caused mass migrations and after 300 years, there were new languages in Texas. Language Map of Texas 1500-1800 Texas Native Languages on The Map Uto-Aztecan ( South West Culture ) Athapascan ( Prehorse Plains ) Caddoan ( South East Culture ) Coahuiltecan ( Western Gulf Coast Culture ) Shoshonean ( Northern Plains ) Siouan ( Osage ) Tunican ( Attacapan ) Research by Texas Historical Survey Committee, 1972 Published by The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Business Research An Unknown French Colony Settlement in Texas

Islamic Countries Map

Map of Muslim Countries and Distribution of Sunni and Shia  There are over 70 countries in the world where Islam is the predominantly practiced religion. As a major religion, Islam  is the fastest-spreading religion in the world. 31% of Muslims live in South Asia and 15% in sub-Saharan Africa. The number of muslims also growing in Europe and North America rapidly. Source: CIA The World Factbook

Ethnic Map of Cyprus Before The Turkish Invasion

Ethnic Distribution of Cyprus, 1973. Turkish and Greek Areas This map shows where Greeks and Turks were predominately living in Cyprus in 1973 , just before The Turkish Invasion. British Sovereign Bases are shown the map as well. By 2020, estimated numbers of Turkish population in Cyprus is 300,000 and there are about 900,000 Greeks living on the island as well. 

Map of The Battle of Albuera

A historical map of the positions of the forces at The Battle of Albuera, 1811 One of the most important and game changer battles of the Peninsular War was definitely The Battle of Albuera . French were trying to control Iberian Peninsula and Spain, the United Kingdom and Portugal tried to stop them.  Map was engraved by William Francis Patrick in his book "History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France, from the Year 1807 to the Year 1814"  Source; British Library

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