Southern Italy 1112 - Map of Southern Italy in 11th Century

This is how south of Italy looked like 900 years ago.
County of Sicily, Duchy of Apulia & Calabria, Duchy of Naples, Principality of Capua, Duchy of Spoleto, Papal States. Cities; Trani, Taranto, melfi, Montescaglioso, Salerno, Pescara, Alife, Ariano, 

Europe 1430 - A Historic Map of Europe in 1430

How was Europe in 1430? Kingdoms, Unions, Empires, States and Tribes of Europe, North Africa and Middle east in 1430

Union of Kalmar, Holy Roman Empire, Lithuania, Vassal States of the Golden Horde, Venetian Possesions, Aragon, Zayyanids, Memeluke Empire, Bohemia, Teutonic Order.

Blackhouse Village - Traditional Scottish Highlands House

Gearrannan Black House Village is one of the most interesting places in Scotland. The blackhouses are traditional type of houses which use...