Faroe Stamps Viking Voyages

Faroe Island stamp sheet with Viking Voyages to North Atlantic, Greenland and East Coast of Canada
Viking Stamps

Denmark-Norway Map 1780

Historic Map of United Kingdoms of Denmark and Norway, 1780

Throughout the time of Denmark–Norway, it continuously had possession over various overseas territories. At the earliest times areas in Northern Europe, for instance Estonia and the Norwegian possessions of Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.
Denmark-Norway Monarchy

Who Would Like to Sit On This Chair?

Tennessee brings back the legendary chair.
This is an Electric Chair. An execution method originating in the United States
And Tennessee is the first state to enact a law to introduce the electric chair without giving prisoners an option (May 2014)
Electric Chair

Map of Mexico in 1854

This is how Mexico looked like in 1954, after the Gadsden Purchase.
Old Map Mexico

An Interesting Photograph from Chicago's Dark History

The Great Depression in Chicago.
What do you think these men were doing? What were they waiting for?

This photograph was taken in 1932. During The Great Depression. And these were unemployed men, queued outside a depression soup kitchen opened in Chicago by Al Capone

"Free Soup, Coffee and Doughnuts for the Unemployed"
Al Capone Restaurant Chicago

American foreign aids 2015

Here you can see the some of American foreign aids for 2015.

Israel gets the biggest slice of the cake; $378.33
Afghanistan $62.74
Egypt $17.35
Nigeria $4.04

American foreign aids 2015

Map of Ostrogothic Kingdom - Where was The Ostrogothic Kingdom?

This historic map shows The Ostrogothic Kingdom at its greatest extent. The Ostrogothic Kingdom was established by the Ostrogoths in Italy and neighboring areas from 493 to 553.

Ostrogothic Kingdom

Oldest Photo of Independiente Football Club

This is the oldest photo of Argentine football club Independiente. Dated 1909

Hair styles, moustasches, shorts, kits. shoes.. A beautiful memory from the history of Club Atlético Independiente.

Penarol 1905 - Old Photos of Uruguay Football

An interesting black & white photo from the history of Uruguay Football.
1905 CURCC team (Central Uruguay Railway Compan) . today Club Atlético Peñarol.
Penarol Football Club

River Plate 1908 - Argentine Football in Black & White Photos

An interesting old River Plate photo from the history of  Argentine football. 

Club River Plate team that won the second division championship in 1908, promoting to Primera División. Up: Luraschi, Griffero, Priano. Middle: Messina, Morroni, Chagneaud.
Down: García, Abaco Gómez, Chiappe, Politano, Elías Fernández.
River Plate Football Team

Members of Council of Lithuania 1917

The original 20 members of the Council of Lithuania after signing the Act of Independence of Lithuania, 16 February 1918.

Standing: K. Bizauskas, J. Vailokaitis, Donatas Malinauskas, kun. Vl. Mironas, M. Biržiška, kun. A. Petrulis, S. Banaitis, P. Klimas, A. Stulginskis, J. Šernas, Pr. Dovydaitis.

Sitting: J. Vileišis, dr. J. Šaulys, kun. J. Staugaitis, St. Narutavičius, dr. J. Basanavičius, A. Smetona, kan. K. Šaulys, Stp. Kairys, J. Smilgevičius.
Image © Owned by National Museum of Lithuania

Montreal 1910 - And Old Photo of Montreal Canada

How did Montreal look like 115 years ago?
This is Saint Jacques Street, Montreal. Photo was taken in 1910.

Old Map of Constantinople (Istanbul) - Constantinople 1422 Map

This is the oldest surviving map of Constantinople (modern Istanbul), designed by Cristoforo Buondelmonti in 1422.
Constantinople Maps

Historical Costumes of Sardinians

Sardinia,  the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with a long history and rich cultural life.  This is a postcard which shows the costumes of Sardinia in 1880's.
Sardinia Folklor Costumes

The Depression in Canada

Canada's hard times.. Millions of unemployed men and difficult life for their families.
What we see in this black and white photograph is; The Single Men's Unemployed Association parading to Bathurst Street United Church. Toronto, Canada. 1930
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