Roman Empire Eastern Border AD 300

On this historical map you can see the eastern part and borders of Roman Empire between AD 14 - 430

Balkans 7th Century - Map

Map of Balkans, 680
This map shows The Balkans at the end of 7th Century. Slavic Tribes, Byzantine, The Avar Khanete and Bulgaria Khanete between 650-700 (see Balkans 1796)

Here is the biggest Cedar forest in Balkans

Europe 1648 Map

Map of Europe, 1648
A historical map of Europe. As we see on here, Ottoman Empire and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth were the largest countries in Europe by 1648. At the time there were many powerful kingdoms such as Spanish Kingdoms, Bohemia, Dutch Republic, Kingdom of France, Scandinavians and Tsardom of Russia, Bavaria and Papal States as well.
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Trans-Arabian Pipeline Map - Arabian Petrol Pipeline Map

On this map you can see where the famous historical petrol pipe goes in Arabian peninsula. The Trans-Arabian Pipeline (Tapline), was an oil pipeline East Saudi Arabia to Mediterranean coast of Lebanon.  The Trans-Arabian Pipeline was 1,214 kilometres (754 mi) long with diameter of 30 inches (760 mm). When constructed, it was the world's largest oil pipeline system

England Historic Map - England 1455-1485

An old map of England between 1455 and 1485. On this historical map you can see the Lancastrian Estates and Yorkist Estastes between 1455 and 1485

Britain Historic Map - Britain 1250-1450

On this historical map of Britain, you can see how the country was devided in between 1250 and 1450. Also Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

County Palatine of Chester, 1250, Palatinate of Durham 1400, County Palatine of Lancastaer 1300, Isle of Ely 1350

Italy 1796 - Old Italian Map - Historical Map of Italy in 1796

Italy 1796 map. How did Italy look like in 1796? An interesting old map of Italy from the date 1796.

Kingdom of Sardinia, Republic of Genoa, Republic of Venice, Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Papal States, Republic of Ragusa, Duchy of Modena, Republic of Lucca, Duchy of Parma, Bishopric of Trent

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