Greek Colonization of Western Asia Minor 11th-18th Centuries B.C

A detailed map of Greek settlements in western Asia Minor, during the Greek Dark Age (or Geometric Age) 11th-8th cent. BC. Dorians colonise the southern lands, Ionians colonise the centre area and Aeolians colonise the nothern part of Asia Minor.
-Assos, Pitane, Aegae, Temnos, Adramytttion, Larissa and Mytilene are main Aeolian cities.
-Smyrna, Teos, Colophon, Ephesus, Myus, Milet, Magnesia, Samos Island and Chios  are main Ionian cities,
-Halikarnassos, Kos, Knidos, Lindos are main Dorian cities.
Map by Alexikoua - Wikipedia (thanks very much for this great work)

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